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SPECIAL OFFER FOR CURRENT KTVA STUDENTS: Get Ken’s new ’30 minute singer’ quickstart course 65% off

If I distilled 40 years of singing & 14 years of coaching into 1 thirty-minute vocal workout… that even a six-year-old could use… to grow the voice as fast as possible…


… what would that look like?


It would look like my brand new singing course:

Get 30-Minute singer for $199 $69


Who is this new course for?

  1. People who have never sung before and are looking for a simple, easy place to start
  2. Singers who want to improve their craft but are very low on time
  3. Professional singers who want a quick, killer warmup

What exactly IS this new course?

It’s vocal rocket fuel.

Or to put it less poetically…

It’s the vast, sprawling KTVA method… distilled into its simplest & smallest form. 1 hour 40 minutes of instructional videos. 30 minutes of audio exercises which you repeat over and over again. 100% protein, 0% fat.

It’s a bare-bones, pre-blended, nutritionally-dense smoothie… where I’ve taken the most important concepts I teach in my flagship course, and packed them into a single 30 minute workout that will – the more you use it – grow your voice like crazy.

My flagship course unpacks the theory underneath what I teach.
My flagship course moves you to new exercises as you progress.
My flagship course is miles wide.

30 minute singer is pure “do this & here’s how”, almost no theory.
30 minute singer gives you 1 repeatable workout.
30 minute singer is just inches wide… but a mile deep.

Get 30-Minute singer for $199 $69


Why did I make a new singing course?

Two reasons:

Reason #1: Lots of singers want to hone their craft but are so freaking BUSY.

Reason #2: Lots of people WANT to learn how to sing but feel so overwhelmed at the thought that they never start.

And so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone… and create a new singing course for both of these demographics: the low on time & the low on experience. By creating an ultra simple, ultra distilled singing workout that will keep on growing the voice.

Will this work for you?

Yes. As long as you put in the work.

And this course is designed to make it as easy as possible to put in the work… because it is so short and simple.

How can I say this with such confidence?

I’ve been coaching for almost 15 years now. And singing for 40 years. I’ve tried everything under the sun. I know what works and what doesn’t. And this is why when you hear my students on my YouTube channel they sound so good.

So yes this is a brand new course. But I’ve been in the “online singing course” game for 14 years now, and I know EXACTLY what effectively grows the voice and what doesn’t. And really 30 Minute Singer is just handpicking a few highly effective exercises from my flagship course… simplifying & distilling them… and serving them up on a silver platter.

Get 30-Minute singer for $199 $69


How long will this course last you?

Depends on your goals.

If all you’re looking for is a voice that will win you applause and “holy smokes I didn’t know you could sing”s on Karaoke night… this could in theory last you a lifetime.

If you’re looking to slowly but surely grow your voice and keep on growing… you’ll probably want to upgrade from 30-minute singer to my flagship course after anywhere from 6 to 24 months of use.

If you want to grow your voice as fast as possible, I’d say get your feet wet with this course for 6 months and then upgrade to my flagship course.

Other things you should know before pulling the trigger?

  • Special Upgrade Deal: if you purchase 30-minute singer during this launch special… you can upgrade to the flagship course at any time, at a yearly rate of $199/yr ($99/yr off normal subscription price)
  • THIS COURSE IS A DOWNLOAD. In other words, you pay a one-time fee and get forever access to the course.
  • That being said, we will also offer 2 years of complimentary streaming… so that you can access the course immediately after purchasing before you download the files

How much does this cost?

After the initial launch, I will offer 30 Minute Singer for $199.


But during the initial launch it will be:



One-time fee.

Lifetime access, because it’s a download course.

(See above note about complimentary streaming)

So grab a copy while it’s still half-off.

Can’t say for sure but may be the last time you can ever get 30 Minute Singer for this price:

Get 30-Minute singer for $199 $69


Alright enough “research” let’s rock!

To your singing,
-Ken Tamplin

By Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

30 Minute Singer

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